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By Katie Young, Mosborough area
Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

We are proud that we always endeavour to offer timely,
complete and effective support to our customers whenever necessary. We ask therfore so that we do this in the most beneficial, professional and respectful mannor for all parties involved, that you comply with our terms and conditions of business, more detailed policies are available upon request to the salon.

Please be advised that our 'Customer Satisfaction Policy' is not the equivalent of a 'Money Back Garauntee', it is our promise that we always aim to provide you with a professional range of treatments and services from end to end and that our staff have been appropriately trained and/or are appropriately qualified and informed to carry out the treatments or advice that is being presented to you, upon which our good reputation has been established and is maintained.

Our 'Nails Garauntee' is our promise that all our staff have been well trained and/or are appropriately qualified and informed to carry out the professional nail treatments or advice being provided for you. It is our garauntee that you can expect our nail extensions to demonstarate good strength and finnish with results generally lasting for many weeks and having our full back up support. It is also our promise that we operate in application, maintenance and removal of your artificial enhancements with hygienic processes and with due attention paid to the short term and long term health of your natural nails so as to minimise and reduce the risks of incurring potential natural nail damage.


We understand that sometimes last minute cancellations are unavoidable, however we also ask that you respect that we are running a business and if you cancel without giving us much notice we still incur costs and loss of revenue which can significantly add up. We therefore require that a minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation be given by any customer who wishes to cancel a booked appointment in order to avoid incurring any charges. This minimal time window provides us with the opportunity to book another customer into the appointment space.

*Generally, the factors that we consider when determining any charges to be applied are based upon the following facts;

1.Total treatment time booked out
2.Cost of wages paid out and loss of revenue
3.Value of treatments booked
4.Client Loyalty and Customer Relationship Management
5.Circumstances of missed or cancelled appointment
6.Repetition of "NO SHOW" behaviour
7.Allocation of cancelled appointment to another customer

However please be advised and aware that in the event that notice is not recieved in accordance with the requirement above we do reserve all rights to apply and charge you the full value cost of the missed treatment/s as booked , this is regardless of any discounted prices that the treatments or services may have originally been booked in at and regardless of any reasons provided.
At the managements discretion and as a "goodwill gesture" we reserve all rights to only charge a said fee or to fully waive any due fees instead, this may be specified at either the time of booking or at any time before or after the booked or missed appointment/s. We reserve all rights to change or ammend our cancellation fees either to go up or down in value without any warning being given and our decision is final.
In the event that adverse weather conditions are presented as effecting the customers ability to travel to the salon when staff have come into work and the salon is open for business as usual, then the managements decision and determination of this fact and regarding any charges/costs to be incurred by the customer is final.
If the salon is closed or our operations are interupted due to unforseen and/or unavoidable influencing factors such as adverse weather conditions, staff absence or other, customers will NOT be charged for any appointments booked to which we cannot cater for and we will do our upmost to facilitate and reschedule your appointment/s at our earliest convenience.
In the event of short or non notice cancellation of your appointment/s from us we may consider as a gesture of "goodwill" that it's appropriate to offer you a discount or complimentary treatment or service by way of apology for any inconvenience that may have been caused to you, however this is offered solely at the senior managements discretion and we are by no means obligated to do so in any way whatsoever, neither are we liable for any costs or inconvenience incurred by the customer.


In the unfortunate circumstances of a customer wishing to make a complaint to the salon relating to any of our services or treatments that you have recieved from us, firstly please be assured that we will always listen to your grievance respectfully and without bias. 1. When expressing your grievance and especially if you are in the salon and in the presence of other customers, we ask that you please be respectfully discreet about your complaint when addressing any issues and ask for our attention to talk with us in private. This is fair and respectful for all parties including the customer and is considered to be best practice behaviour towards the interests of our other customers and to our general business operations. 2. We ask that you remain courteous to all staff and representing parties, maintaining a calm and consultive approach and demeanor,the same mannor can be expected to be recieved by yourself from us in dealing with your complaint. 3.We ask that you make known your complaint, dissatisfaction or grievance before leaving the salon so that we can immediately address the said issue or so that we can arrange an alternative and suitable time to do so appropriately, we will always assume that your customer satisfaction has been achieved and your failure to report differently before leaving the salon means we may therefore invalidate your grievance with us. We are fully insured and your statutory rights are unaffected.
4. If a problem occurs after leaving the salon please contact us immediately via e-mail or telephone corresponance to initially discuss your grievance and for us to outline a corrective action plan or recommended course of action to be taken.5. We reserve the right and will only arrange a suitable time at our appointed convenience for all parties to meet and address, correct, or rectify accordingly the issue that has been raised. 6. Only senior management reserves the right to offer any monies back (be it in part or full) and this option would not be explored until a corrective option has been carried out first.7. The managements decision is final.8. Legal action may be taken or damages sought against any person or persons who make unfair, unjustified, slanderous or liabalist comments towards staff members and management and/or the Barons Nails and Beauty business in general. 8.Aggressive actions or any threatening behaviour against the company in general included any property of or any member of staff or other customer is strictly prohibited. 9. Any person behaving in an unsuitable or aggresive mannor will be immediately asked to leave the premises or will be removed from the premises and will not be allowed re- entry at any point in the future, legal action and criminal prosecution may be sought against any such offending party.