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By Katie Young, Mosborough area
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Treatments & Prices

Nails, Beauty, Hair & Tanning 
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Now with luxurious hair boutique & Tansun sunbed

Special offers available now

Nail extensions or overlays (new customers) £31
Eyelash Extensions  £22 .50
Spray Tan (1 for £10)
Sunbed (60 mins £22.50) plus 6 mins FREE on first purchase to new customers  
Facial and back massage 1& 1/4 hr pamper package £30
Hairdressing services & hair extensions/weaves please contact the salon for prices (10% discount off first visit) 


*After trying our nail services at the introductory new customer rate, we recommend that you consider purchasing our excellent value membership programme to keep on getting great discounts off our standard prices on every visit.  


Nail overlays and Nail extensions  
New customers and membership customers  £31 (standard £36-£40)
Infills / Maintenence                                    £23.50 membership, (£28.50 non membership) 

Individual Nail Repair                                   £2.50 membership, (£3.50 standard)

Refresh (buff & finish)                                  £10 -£15

Soak off / Removal -                                    £10


Latest technology & soak off formulas with our GEL NAIL SERVICES - Long lasting, chip resistant, smudge free & high gloss shine, stunning & gorgeous.
We use the most reliable and resilient brands alongside other well known brands like Shellac. 

New customers and membership customers £15-£20
fingernails - £22.50 
toenails - £20 

Natural Nail Services 

* Incorporating the Unique and luxurious AHAVA product line

Express Manicure - with Colour £10 (French £2.50 extra), (includes shape & varnish) 

Ultimate Manicure - with Colour £17.50 (French £2.50 extra), (includes cuticle work, nail shape, hand massage & varnish)

Luxury Manicure - £25 (cuticle work, nail shape, skin nourishing oils, heat and hand massage, this can be carried out on the beauty couch alongside other treatments to enhance and extend your relaxation time and overall experience)

Express Pedicure - With Colour £12.50, (includes shape & varnish)

Ultimate Pedicure - With Colour £20, (includes footspa mineral soak, cuticle work, nail shape, foot massage and varnish)

Specific Pedicure - With Colour £25, (includes all with ultimate treatment specification with the addition of hard skin razor removal & ingrowing toenails)

Luxury Pedicure - £28 (mineral soak, cuticle work, nail shape, skin nourishing oils, heat and foot massage and varnish)

Hard skin removal only (Razor or Callous peel treatment) - £10
Removal/treatment of ingrowing toenails only - £10 
Hard skin removal and treatment of ingrowing toenails only - £15 



Spray Tanning (1 for £10 special offer) 

Using the finest spray gun available and incorporating the highest quality product lines with a choice of strength to suit you. We also offer a selection of the best home care professional tanning products available for you to buy so as to extend and maintain your fabulous tan.

Full x 1 = £15 

Full x 2 @ £12.50 each = £25 
Full x 3 @ £11.00 each = £33

Full x 4 @£10 each = £40

Full x 5 @ £9 each = £45

Legs only - £10

Upper body only - £10

Self Tanning sachets £2.50 /Self Tanning gel (home use) from £10
(see also our retail tab for our online shopping)


Eyelash Extensions - individual cluster - £25 (can last up to 8 weeks with maintenence)
Top up's/maintenence - £10-£15 (weekly/fortnightly) 
Eyelash Extensions - individual singular- £60 (can last up to 8 weeks with maintenence)
Top up's/Maintenence - £20-£25 (fortnightly)

*Free Removals with all new full sets if previously applied by us
*Standard Removals (£5-£10) depending upon time spent
*Tinting *patch test required  before (24hrs min) or waiver form signed

Eyebrows - £5

Eyelashes - £8

Eyebrows & Lashes - £11.50



Lip - £5

Chin - £5

Eyebrows Tidy - £7

Eyebrow Shaping -£10

Underarm - £9 

Bikini - (£9 - £15)

Brazilian - £25.00

Lower arms - £8

Full arms - £12

Lower half leg - £12

Upper half leg - £15

Full leg - £20

Lower half leg including bikini - (£18 - £23)

Upper half leg including bikini - (£20 - £25)

Full leg including bikini - (£25 - £30)


Shoulders & Upper back - £15

Full Back - £20 

Legs - £25

Facials & Body Treatments

(Incorporating unique and indulgent dead sea minerals skincare range from wordwide spa line AHAVA) 












Ahava Purifying Facial




1 & ¼ hours


A Purifying Facial using Ahava Source products for Combination / Oily skin. This facial uses hot muslin cloths soaked in purifying mineral salts to aid deep cleansing and detoxification. Facial massage is included, to relax the client. A purifying back treatment is incorporated whilst the mask is on.





Purifying Express




30 Mins


The express treatment allows those clients with less time to still enjoy the benefits of the purifying treatments. The skin is cleansed, exfoliated and treated with a purifying, deep cleansing mask. The skin is left refreshed, cleansed & Purified.





Purifying Back Treatment




45 Mins


A deep cleansing rescue for problematic skin. The back is cleansed and treated with products and hot muslin cloths. Skin is exfoliated, & dead sea mud is used to deep cleanse and purify the area.





Purifying Hip & Thigh Treatment




45 Mins


Concentrating on areas prone to cellulite, this treatment is stimulating & purifying. Designed to increase the circulation and improve skin texture on the hip & thigh area.





Purifying Deluxe  Mud Wrap




1 & ½ hours


Combining the effects of body brushing, dead sea mud and salts.  The body is treated to an exfoliation, a mud wrap, & an application of mineral cooling gel. A totally purifying experience.




Ahava Re Hydration Facial




1 & ¼ hours


This treatment uses the Dermud range of products. Excellent for de-hydrated, sensitive skin. The skin is nourished, hydrated and soft. A relaxing facial massage is included.





Re Hydration Express




30 Mins


The express version of this will re-hydrate and deeply nourish the skin. Excellent for pre or post holiday, or during the winter months.





Re Hydrating Salt Glow & Moisturise




45 Mins


The body is exfoliated using mineral salts and massage oil. Dry skin is removed, leaving the skin soft and smooth. An application of rich mineral body lotion is massaged into the skin to re hydrate and moisturise.





Total Body Re Hydration




1 & ½ hours


Designed to aid desquamation of the epidermis & improve overall skin texture. The body is exfoliated; Intensive Hydration Mask is applied to the whole body and wrapped. There is no need for this mask to be removed, we simply add a small amount of mineral body lotion and massage into the skin for complete hydration. This treatment is ideal for stressed, sensitised or sun damaged skin.




Ahava Relaxation Facial




1 & ¼ hours


Using products selected from the Ahava Source Range for Dry / Normal skin, combined with blends of relaxing essential oils to create the ultimate in relaxation. The client will benefit from soft, nourished skin and total relaxation. 





Relaxation Express




30 Mins


The perfect choice for those clients with not quite enough time for the full version. Skin will be cleansed, exfoliated & massaged. Leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed.





Back Relax




30 Mins


The back, neck & shoulders are prone to a build up of tension and stress .A combination of hot towels, Ahava Massage Oil & de stressing essential oils are used to massage, relax and de stress the client.





Ultimate Relaxation




1 & ½ hours


For 90 minutes, the client can indulge in total relaxation allowing us to work on the scalp, face and body, using a combination of heat, Ahava massage oil and relaxing essential oils.





Pure Indulgence




1 & ½ hours


Using the Ahava Range, the whole body is exfoliated. Hot Pure Mud is applied to the body. The client is enveloped in a wrap. The face, hands & feet are massaged. Following removal of the mud, the whole body is massaged with an application of Pure Sorbet caress.




Ahava Time Line Facial




1 & ¼ hours


This facial uses Time Line products throughout. The perfect answer for clients concerned with ageing, fine lines and wrinkles. Skin is left feeling soft and smooth, looking relaxed and radiant.





Time Line Express




30 Minutes


Designed to help with all aspects of ageing. Ahava Time Line products are used during this treatment to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, whilst improving skin tone and texture.





Defy Time Eye & Neck Treatment




30 Minutes


Time Line products are used to refine fine lines & increase cell regeneration. An ideal treatment for clients concerned with aging. The skin in both these areas is fine & delicate requiring extra special care & attention. The skin is left refreshed & nourished.




Ahava Facial for Men




1 & ¼ hours


Designed for men. This facial uses the products from the Ahava Men’s Care Range. An excellent treatment to help cleanse, soften & moisturise the skin. This treatment will help with dry & sensitive skin caused by shaving.





Express Facial for Men




30 Minutes


The skin will be cleansed, toned, exfoliated, deep cleansed, and massaged. The eye area will be treated with eye cream, & to finish the skin will be moisturised with either the Aftershave Moisturiser for Men or the Protective moisturising fluid.





Ahava Gents Manicure




30 Minutes


Nails are filed and shaped; Mineral Cuticle Cream is used to soften cuticles. The hand & arm are massaged using Ahava Hand Cream for Men. Nails are buffed to give shine.





Ahava Back Treatment for Men




45 Minutes


A mixture of exfoliation & massage using hot oils. Great for muscular aches &  pains, stress, tension & dry skin



 * We also provide a bespoke party service for children (with a disco room and snacks included ) and adults covering birthdays and other special occasions, prices start from £13 per head, please contact the salon for more information or to book your party.  




* We offer a selection of unique membership schemes offering you huge discounts off the standard listed prices throughout the whole year.....
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